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Chef Danny Tan hails from Malaysia, famed for its vibrant street food culture where Laksa, in particular, is a local favourite.

Coming from a family of well known Hainanese chefs, Danny grew up in a household blessed with exciting, rich culinary traditions. Beginning work as a chef at just 17 years old, Danny went on to work his way through top-rated kitchens across Kuala Lumpur including the five star Hotel Shangri-La. During the next seven years, he honed his skills to specialise in Malaysian, Thai and Chinese cuisines.

Since coming to the UK in 1987, Danny has worked as the head chef in various restaurants, expanding his expertise and playing with flavours to develop his own distinctive style.

This creative vision is what you will find in Laksamania, where traditional favourites such as Penang Assam Laksa meet unique dishes such as Danny’s Laksamania Fried Chicken, which you will not find anywhere else. Enjoy!

Our food

Over the years, our master chef, Danny Tan has fine-tuned many of the Malaysian cuisines, particularly on a large variety of noodle dishes. 

We have a dedicated vegan menu which we believe is just as tasty as the rest of our dishes. Please do give it a try!

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